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About Us

When Garth Dykes initially opened Dykes Attorneys in 2011, he realized that there was a gap in the market for a conveyancing firm that offered personalized service while also providing the high-quality services typically associated with larger firms. With this in mind, Dykes Attorneys quickly grew to become one of the most respected firms providing conveyancing services throughout the Gauteng area.

In the early days, Dykes Attorneys’ dedication to providing personalized services meant that they would travel to their clients’ homes or offices to sign documents, a service that was not commonly offered by other conveyancing firms. They also implemented an advanced updating system to ensure that all parties involved in the transfer process were kept informed at all times.

In 2014, Armand Nel, a well-respected attorney specializing in property matters, joined Garth Dykes, and together they formed Dykes & Nel Attorneys. Under their leadership, the firm continued to grow, providing high-quality conveyancing services throughout Gauteng.

When Barne du Plessis joined the firm in 2000, the name of the company changed from D & N Incorporated to DND Attorneys. In his three years of practice, he has become a valued member of the firm’s close-knit team. His dedication to his work and his clients is evident in everything he does, and his attention to detail and expertise in the field of conveyancing have earned him a reputation as one of the best attorneys in the business.

Today, DND Attorneys continues to operate under the same ethos, providing personalized service to clients while utilizing the latest technology and expertise to ensure that all transactions are handled efficiently and effectively. The firm is dedicated to building long-lasting relationships with its clients, providing them with the highest level of service and expertise.

In conclusion, the evolution of DND Attorneys is a story of growth and dedication to service. From its humble beginnings as Dykes Attorneys to its present-day status as a trusted and respected name in conveyancing, the firm’s commitment to providing exceptional service and expertise has never wavered. With its talented team of attorneys and its focus on personalized service, DND Attorneys is poised to continue its success for years to come.

Meet the Team

Garth Dykes

Garth Dykes


Garth Dykes is a highly experienced attorney specializing in property-related matters. With nine years of practice under his belt, he has earned a reputation as one of the most respected attorneys in the field. Garth holds an LLB degree and is currently enrolled as an attorney in the North Gauteng High Court, the Cape High Court, and the KwaZulu Natal High Court. His passion for providing exceptional service to his clients led him to found Dykes Attorneys in 2011, which later became DND Attorneys. Garth’s leadership and commitment to personalized service have been instrumental in the growth and success of the firm.

Armand Nel

Armand Nel


Armand Nel is a skilled attorney and conveyancer with a passion for providing exceptional service to his clients. After joining Dykes van Heerden Inc in 2003, he worked full time whilst studying for his LLB degree through Unisa. Armand’s dedication to his clients and his work paid off when he graduated with his degree and became an admitted attorney. Armand enjoys interacting with clients and helping them with all their legal and property-related questions. His expertise in conveyancing and property matters has earned him a reputation as one of the most respected attorneys in the field. In 2014, Armand joined forces with Garth Dykes to form GP Dykes Inc, which later became DND Attorneys.

Barne du Plessis

Barne du Plessis


Barne du Plessis is a highly talented attorney who specializes in conveyancing. He joined DND Attorneys in 2020 and has been an integral part of the firm ever since. Over the years, he has developed a reputation as one of the best attorneys in the business, with exceptional expertise in the field of conveyancing. Barne’s friendly and approachable demeanor has made him a favorite among clients and colleagues alike. He is always willing to go the extra mile to ensure that his clients are satisfied and that their transactions are completed smoothly. Barne’s dedication to providing exceptional service and expertise has earned him a place as a trusted and respected member of the team at DND Attorneys.

Practice Areas


  • Preparation and settlement of agreements of sale for movable and immovable property
  • Partnership agreements
  • Sale of shares and shareholder agreements
  • Cessions (for security or otherwise)
  • Loan agreements
  • Acknowledgements of debt
  • Registration of inter vivos trusts

Property Developments

  • Conversion of farmland to townships
  • Opening and registration of township registers
  • Opening and registration of sectional title registers
  • Registration of body corporate rules at the ombudsman
  • Registration of subdivision of property (splitting of a parcel of land into 2 or more portions) and consolidation of property (joining of 2 or more portions of land into one)
  • Notarial tie of property not capable of being consolidated
  • Registration of non-profitable companies for home owner’s associations

Residential Property

  • Legal processes relating to freehold property
  • Transactions involving sectional titles, clusters, transfers of property due to termination of relationships, divorce, deceased estates and insolvency/liquidation
  • Transfer of undivided shares in property
  • Notarial related functions such as registration of usufructs

Antenuptial Contracts, Last Will and Testaments

  • Notarising and registration of antenuptial contracts
    Drafting of last will and testaments, creating a testamentary trust

General Legal Services

  • Lease agreements
  • Applications to replace lost title deeds and rectification of errors in title deeds and other immovable property related documents
  • Notarising documents for international use.

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